Lisa Castetter – Founder & CEO

Lisa left her 17-year career as a buyer for major global retailers to launch Teen Leadership Foundation in 2007. In the course of developing TLF, she has become a leading advisor to churches nationwide on outreach to teenagers in foster care and emancipated youth. Lisa is also a frequent speaker on issues of foster care and adoption, and she sits on various nonprofit boards and advocacy teams.

Arthur and Nikki Vega – Community

Living on-site at The Launch Pad transitional housing complex, Arthur and Nikki are the front-line responders to residents’ immediate questions and needs. They play a key role in building The Launch Pad’s sense of community by visiting with residents, leading outings, and organizing fun events like movie nights at the complex. Arthur and Nikki first got involved with TLF as camp volunteers, and each is now a foster teen mentor.

Brystin Davy –Coordinate

Bystin is responsible for assisting in the many details of our teen and emancipated youth partnerships. She also provides support along side our teen programs and the upkeep of our Launch Pad support activities.

Jessica Lindauer – Fund Development 

Jessica works in our fund raising department as the main point of contact for our donors. She also helps with researching and writing new grants, as well as establishing new relationships with donors and foundations. Jessica has a heart for foster youth, to see them become leaders and succeed. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English.

Sally Kim – Communication

Sally helps TLF deliver life changing stories through our blogs and newsletters.  She is a copywriter, editor, and writer, and is passionate about helping people and their causes articulate and own their story. Sally is a mom of five, three of which are from foster care.

Ryan Zeulner – Imaging and Branding 

Ryan helps TLF deliver life changing stories through our images and branding. Ryan is a designer, strong in ideation and connections. Ryan is passionate about helping people through his various talents. He is a dad of two girls and serves as a local mission & integration pastor at a local church.

Laurie Schaefer – Experience

Laurie’s focus is on our volunteers, making sure they feel appreciated.  She collects stories about their experiences, provides education tools, coordinates meetings with the Launch Pad residents’ “flight crew” volunteers, and other support. Laurie is also a long-time mentor to at-risk youth, including a young woman in foster care.