Edith & Edena

Edith is a single mom of 3 year old, Edena. The father grew up in foster care and was incarcerated within 18-months of emancipation. The lack of parenting skills as a teenager put Edith and her child at risk of homelessness and much more. TLF stepped in to wrap around Edith and provide housing and the skills necessary to reverse the cycle of life. Since arriving at The Launch Pad Edith has been working with her mentor, budget coach and tutor. Edith is usually one of the first residents to help out with campus projects; she has a great team spirit.


Currently Edith is enrolled full-time during the day in a vocational program to obtain her medical assistant certificate and works weekends. Please consider helping Edith with her education and career goals and give her an opportunity to break a generational cycle of poverty for her and her daughter.