This past weekend at camp we watched one of our campers overcome a HUGE fear of heights.

It was the encouragement of her friends and the volunteer counselors cheering her on that empowered her to get back on the ropes course, and hop across logs that swung on ropes in mid-air. Tears were brought to her eyes as she looked back and saw what she just conquered.

Tears were brought to her eyes as she looked back and saw what she just conquered.

It was a moving moment to experience; throughout the rest of camp I watched this camper do more and more bold things. She eventually was the first to speak in group discussions and even prayed out loud-something that took great courage for her in particular.

It is hard to describe the amount of growth seen in the campers in such a short amount of time. In fact, it seems near impossible. God works in miraculous ways that time does not stand against.

I watched these unfold right before my eyes and still can’t fathom it! Even the small accomplishments made huge impacts. One camper only made it to the harness-he couldn’t jump or go on the high ropes course-he wasn’t ready. But for him to take the step to at least attempt, was a HUGE decision for him. His counselors’ affirmations for how brave that was forever impacted his life.

I am beyond moved by these kids. It was such a privilege to be a part of witnessing how God is moving and using Teen Leadership Camp to give them something to bring home into their daily lives to see they can do it. To learn from their ability and bravery to accomplish and never give up, even among fear, impacted me deeply, and challenged me to see how I can be braver in my daily life and step into what God is asking of me, even if it seems scary. It was such a privilege to be a witness and even a part of this process.

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