Wheel of Change

In sharing some of Teen Leadership Foundation’s new and expanding programs in this newsletter, I realized it might be helpful to give you an overview of the progression of TLF’s programs. Our intent is to provide foster teens with a pathway to a better future through eternal relationships and educational experiences. Looking at the wheel of change below, you’ll see that starts with Teen Leadership Camp, which brings foster teens together for a 3-day mountaintop experience. Then there’s mentoring, which solidifies those personal relationships made with volunteers from camp. The Knot is a monthly youth group designed to bring continued community with positive, caring adults. The Network our independent living skill workshops, prepare teens for life beyond foster care. And for emancipated youth, there’s The Launch Pad, our transitional living housing program. The progression of our programs is intentional, and as a volunteer or other community partner, your involvement is intentional, too. Through your commitment and care, these teens will transition into adulthood prepared and backed by a community that loves them that will forever change the trajectory of there lives.

wheel without key