Teen Leadership Camp is a 3-day weekend experience designed for youth to participate in activities such as high ropes, low ropes, zip-lining that lead to confidence, trust and self esteem.  Evening guest speakers promote positive values and develop character.  Games, hiking, crafts, and swimming are all part of a great weekend.



Mentoring supports youth in a one-on-one relationships. By becoming a mentor you create a strong voice and provide a consistently stable adult figure to a youth living a life of neglect and abandonment.



The Knot is a monthly youth group designed to bring community mentoring. Sports, crafts, fun, games and food all are part of a consistent afternoon.  The Knot is an environment for youth to meet positive, patient and caring adults while being reminded that life is better tied together.



The Network connects youth and skills together with entry level employment and internships. At The Network youth will earn a certificate qualifying them to immediate access to interviews from employers in our community.




The Launch Pad provides a safe runway for young adults who are “aged out” of foster care or at risk of homelessness.  At The Launch Pad we offer a multitude of services and circles of support.

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