Lisa Castetter – Founder & CEO

Lisa is responsible for vision casting and program creation for TLF, as well as fundraising efforts and expansion of Framewerk Enterprises, TLF’s social enterprise endeavor that began in 2019 with the launch of Framewerk Imaging, a screen-printing business. In the course of developing TLF, she has become a leading advisor to churches nationwide on outreach to teenagers in foster care as well as emancipated youth. Lisa frequently speaks on issues of foster care and adoption, and she is a member of multiple non-profit boards and advocacy teams.


Joanna Torres – Director of Community Engagement 

Joanna is responsible for fostering and managing TLF’s partnerships. Joanna brings years of unparalleled and extensive experience working directly with foster youth as a case manager and with transitional housing programs. Joanna will represent TLF to churches, organizations, and nonprofits throughout Orange County as well as work directly with The Launch Pad’s residents.


Karen Wallace – Development and Outreach Coordinator

Karen supports our fundraising operations from database management to deepening donor relationships to sharing the TLF story with the community. She also manages the details of events like our Loads of Love drive and Virtual 5K.


Dineen Tucker – Mentor & Flight Crew Coordinator

Dineen is the first point of contact for adult volunteers interested in working directly with foster youth, starting with the application and screening process. Once trained and ready for service, these volunteers will become mentors to a teen in foster care, or they’ll join a Flight Crew, which are the teams that support each of our transitional housing residents with life skills training and other wraparound services. 


Karin Zaldana – Framewerk Imaging Operations Mangager

Karin oversees all aspects of production at Framewerk Imaging, TLF’s sublimation and promo printing business. This social enterprise provides work-force development for foster youth as well as an income stream that helps sustain TLF. Karin ensures fulfillment of custom orders from the community while training foster youth in customer relations, printing, graphic design, and other roles.