Lisa Castetter – Founder & CEO

Lisa is responsible for vision casting and program creation for TLF, in addition to spearheading fundraising efforts and board member and community relationships. In the course of developing TLF, she has become a leading advisor to churches and non-profits, both locally and nationwide, on outreach to teenagers in foster care as well as emancipated youth.

Kaitlin Gonzalez – Housing Director  

Kaitlin oversees our Launch Pad homes and the supporting staff providing case management and ensuring their progress toward healthy independent living. She also coordinates and equips the residents’ Flight Crew volunteer teams, who provide relational skill-building ranging from budgeting to driving to navigating college.

Dora Thao – Program Coordinator

Dora manages our mentoring and employment readiness programs for teens, serving as the liaison between social workers, churches, businesses, and other community partners. She also supports TLF’s social media and events.

Edith Vasquez – Costa Mesa Housing On-site Coordinator

Brittany Walker – Santa Ana Housing On-site Coordinator

Edith and Brittany live at our Launch Pad homes in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana, respectively, where they help create the sense of community the Launch Pad program is known for. They also serve as a sounding board and troubleshooter for their residents. As graduates of the Launch Pad program, Edith and Brittany have a special understanding of residents’ hopes and needs

Whitney Farmer – Property Administrator

Whitney ensures our two Launch Pad homes are well maintained while also coaching residents on housekeeping essentials.