There’s no better way to show you how TLF’s model of wrapping around youth is working for local foster youth than to share a story of its impact. This is a small part of Annie and Junior’s story.  

“There are many [ways] camp helped me grow in my youth years…one big [way] was through the counselors; I actually felt wanted and loved by each of them individually. I was comfortable enough to open up to them right away because of the warm welcome they had shown me. Another reason was the group of kids/teenagers I was surrounded by. I didn’t feel like I was the “only one” in my situation, and there were many more just like me battling through the same things in life. I didn’t feel alone for once…
After camp, I continued to go to The Knot and had a mentor through TLF in myteen years. When I was 19 I moved into The Launch Pad.

TLF has supported me in so many amazing and different ways. My volunteer parenting coach taught me a lot about becoming a better mother to my son. TLF helped me obtained a scholarship through a local trade college to get my dialysis program certificate. I was able to save and buy my first car through the help of my budget coach. The on-site care coordinators always are there for me, and take time to listen to me when I get overwhelmed by life.

[I recently completed] my hemodialysis program; completing the program as a single mother is one of my major achievements and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without the love and support of my TLF family. Thank you TLF! -Annie

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