That summer, we launched two camps with two different churches; roughly 60 kids were given the opportunity to experience camp for the very first time…

Reflecting now on that summer I see how much we, as an organization, have grown and how much we have learned, but yet some core values still remain like:

planting seeds of hope

creating a safe environment for learning and growing

being one consistent thing in a foster youth’s often unpredictable life.

The Lord took what was once small, my five loaves and fish, and created something sustainable, lasting, and forever impacting these lives. I came faithful with a small hope to impact the youth’s I met at camp, and the Lord has been faithful to impact more and more and more youths as the years go on and Teen Leadership Foundation continues to grow. Ten years later, that three-day weekend is still a safe place for teens in foster-care to be given seeds of hope that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Today, hundreds of kids gather through churches to spend a weekend feeling valued, loved, safe and respected.