Amelia is one of our church liaisons in Orange County and one of many committed to Teen Leadership Foundation and its cause.

Amelia has directed our Teen Leadership Camps for the last few years and is instrumental in bringing more consistent community around foster teens after camp in her area with two programs, The Knot -a monthly youth group, and The Network –a series of life-skills class that meets every other month.

Recently, we caught up with Amelia to talk about the new programs that are going to take place at her church and how that has impacted her life.

It takes quite some work to direct a camp and lead a team of volunteers but Amelia seems to always find a way to put her heart into everything she does! It is no surprise her church’s camps are fun and well done; she says the success of their camp is due the awesome ministry action team who works together in every little detail and the generous spirit of their church.  Amelia has a huge heart for these teens and it shows through her giving spirit.

Her life has not always gone the way she had planned. There were some bumps on the road and Amelia grew up under difficult circumstances. But by the grace of God and the support of her church, Amelia has shown that she has a lot to give and much love to be shared. She says that it is almost a full circle of where she was and where she is going.

One of the best things to know about Amelia is that she is the kindest and warmest person we have ever met-But, beyond that, Amelia is a lion-hearted, servant leader.

It is people like Amelia, who use their own story to change the lives of our youth in TLF, that make our programs possible and our impact measurable.

Photo by Andrew Neal